What the Election Tells Us About Selling in 2017.

pexels-photo-129112When all the polls pointed to a Clinton victory, I’ll admit I was shocked as I watched Donald Trump win the election.  As I reflected on his campaign I started drawing comparisons to selling.

In a recent interview, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff stated, “Without Twitter, you wouldn’t have President – Elect Trump” I had thought about this myself so I decided to look at the numbers.  As of Nov 16, 2016, the numbers are as follows:

Candidates Twitter Followers Facebook Likes on Page Facebook Page Followers
Donald Trump 15.3M 14,830,591 905,796
Hillary Clinton 11.2M 9,504,016 27,129

These numbers validate Marc Benioff’s statement however one can argue that Facebook also had a major play here.  

 At the end of the day, Donald Trump’s social following was massively greater than Clintons— Social Selling Matters 

In Next week’s blog post I’ll cover Social Selling tips and technology salespeople should be using but the majority don’t know about.   Have a great weekend, check back for this post on Monday.



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