Are you presenting to the walking dead?

Have you ever sat through a presentation and felt like the person who is presenting to you was just going through the motions?  It’s like they were just pressing play and their brains were on autopilot.  Well, it’s the same for your prospects if you are not having an active conversation.   Chances are they are slowly turning into brain-dead zombies and they would rather eat brains than listen to you ramble on.

Truth be told no one ever intends to become the walking dead, it just happens to good people because of bad presentations.  The only way to avoid this tragedy is to keep your audience engaged.  An easy way to do this is to ask questions and actually listen to their answers.  Their body language tells just as much of a story as the words that come out of their mouth.  If you take the time to listen you will save one more brain from going comatose and not hearing the presentation.

If you start to see their eyes glazing over, or you see them slipping out of focus do the following actions immediately to save their brains:

  1. Ask them an open ended question.
  2. Shut your mouth and start to listen to what they say.
  3. Observe their body language.
  4. Immediately change your approach

Do this and avoid having to whip out your Katana blade, arch bow or barbed-wire bat to end the conversation.  Keep it going to drive a rich discussion with an interested audience. Remember zombies can’t make purchases.



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